Even though the occurrence of an accident that involves water short circuiting an electrical device is more or less rare, we can’t deny that it might happen. And with the Wet Circuit waterproof power strip, electronics short-cictuiting because of the entry of water will never be a problem.

Even when the Wet Circuit waterproof power strip are doused in water, and we do mean doused, it can still power devices; no power interruption, no short circuiting, no problems whatsoever.

And 20 bucks is a very worthy price to pay when it comes to protecting you gadgets and even your very house from a potential fire.

We can’t delve in to the specifics as to how the Wet circuit waterproof power strip prevents such mishaps, but the poorly dubbed video in YouTube says it all. It still works completely fine even with the entry of water or any liquid.

Watch it, and you’ll be amazed; not at how much better they could do with the audio, but you’ll think that “Jolin” could have killed herself with the last act that she pulled.

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