If you have hypochondria and you find the need to have anything that touches you sanitized, then you’ll be so delighted with VIOlight. Because VIOlight is a gadget that allows you to clean your personal electronics using ultraviolet light.

What’s good with the VIOlight is that usually, these gadgets like your cellphone, or your iPod, or your Blackberry, or your Nintendo DS, is that you’ll have problem sanitizing them because it’s a big no no to wet such devices with a hand sanitizer nor is it the smartest thing to do to actually soak these devices and wash them, with the delicate nature of these handheld devices, VIOlight’ s water and moisture-less cleaning is the only way to go.

The VIOlight uses the same technology in the disinfecting properties of many toothbrush sanitizers.

The UV light from such devices is guaranteed to eliminate 99% of germs and bacteria. That includes a whole plethora of names that you wouldn’t want to be in your system like E. coli, and salmonella, and of course, everyone’s favorite virus nowadays, the aH1N1 virus.

The VIOlight disinfects these devices and so much more for 33 pounds but they’ll only be available to the germ haters starting October.

Disinfect your favorite toys from Gadgetepoint’s with the VIOlight while you’re at it.

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