The Flashligh for iPhone 4 does exactly what it says. No, it’s not a flashlight that you can use to view for your iPhone 4 when it’s nowhere to be found in the dark; instead, this iPhone app turns your iPhone 4 into a working flashlight.

The app works exclusively with 4th edition of the iPhone becuase the latest release from Mac has an LED flash on the back of the phone. The Flashlight for iPhone 4 makes use of this light to increase visibility in a dark setting.

Though there were a number of applications before that made an iPhone act as a flashlight, these latest apps that retails for 99 cents are the only ones to make use of the LED flashlight. The illumination is significantly brighter with these release because previously, the programs that converted the iPhone into a flashlight turns the screen into a full white image that provides lighting, but the with a limited and almost faint glow compared to the intensity of the latest release.

There are actually a number of similar releases but the Flashlight for iPhone 4 is the simplest one to use so far as it turns the gadget’s LED light into a flashlight with just a simple button.

But as expected, this app will drain your battery, so make sure to use this feature either when you need to or when a charger is at hand.

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