Every citizen of Finland has a right to at least one megabit per second (1 MBps) broadband internet connection. This is ensured by a one of a kind legislation (the first in the world, at least) which makes internet connection a ‘legal right’ for every Finn.

The new law mandates all telecommunications companies to provide broadband lines to all citizens with a minimum speed of 1MB per second. The law states further that by 2015, all citizens shall be entitled to at least 100MBps internet connection.

It is rather interesting to note that Finland is pretty much a ‘wired’ country. Around 96% of the population already has an internet connection and a mere 4,000 households need to be connected for complete observance of the new legislation.

According to the Communications Minister of Finland, Suvi Linden, since the internet is an integral part of everyday life for the Finnish people, the government considers high speed internet connection a priority and shall continue to approve legislation in this endeavor.

The British government plans to have at least 2MBps internet connection to all homes in Britain where about 73% of the population is connected to the internet… with no legislation to spur this plan into action just yet.

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