Wake up and smell the tea.

The Teasmade Alarm Clock not only wakes you up, it also makes your tea for you.

And by stereoptype, British blokes are tea lovers, but when the Teasmade Alarm Clock, most likely it means time to wake up; and not necessarily tea time; but that shouldn’t stop you from appreciating this device.

The product is designed so that by the time that the alarm goes off, you’ll have hot water in the ceramic tea pot that comes along with the package that you can use to make tea, or coffee, or hot chocolate, or any hot drink for that matter.

The Teasmade Alarm Clock has a LCD-illuminated analog clock face, which is necessary for an alarm clock to be fully functional.

The pot can hold up to 2.5 cups of water. It would be advisable that you add the tea bag before you visit the sandman and night enters, so that you’ll wake up and the subtle aroma of tea leaves will tickle your sense of smell.

But there are already many alarm clock-coffee maker tie ups there. And since we’re talking about time and clocks, do you know what will be super cool? Gadgetepoint’s T-Clock T-Shirt. When people ask, “what’s the time?” No need to say single word, just flash your awesome T-shirt!

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