The release of Microsoft Office 2010 did not make too much of a bang, probably because the market was too busy oogling at their iPhone 4’s to notice the entrance of the industry titan. But even when the glitz and glamour and hype towards the iPhone has faded, can Microsoft Office 2010 still capture the market’s interest?

The experts are saying, “No”. the decline in sales of Microsoft cannot just be attributed to poor marketing and lack of media buzz; people may just not be in need of it somehow as of the moment.

There are a number of factors that can attribute to these figures that are way below expectations; and some of it is because of Microsoft’s own products themselves.

Because people are content with their Microsoft Office 2007 package, they do not see any need for an upgrade, and some are even saying that the 2010 edition was released prematurely, since the 2007 version is fully functional and that there are only a few who are willing to pay the hefty price for software just for some minor changes to programs that are still fully functional.

Windows is still king but with the recent positive campaigns of Apple, some people are reconsidering their OS of choice.

Linux, Google Docs, and a number of freeware are succeeding in the effect that they have rallied for — a chunk off the market that Microsoft has monopolized. These open source programs may be a somewhat harder to use for some but the lengthier learning curb is so much worth it when you set them beside the costs of Microsoft’s software.

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