That’s right!

Behold, the Nintendo 3DS—and get this: It does not require any special glasses!

The latest handheld gaming console from Nintendo is scheduled to be out in the markets by April next year but some journalists were recently given the chance to have some ‘hands on’ time with the nifty little gadget.

At first look, the 3DS appears to be pretty much identical to its predecessors. But the 3DS has a slider control on the right side of the top screen that allows the gamer to shift between 2D and 3D rendering; aside from that, the control also lets users choose any depth between 2D and 3D. As mentioned, it requires no glasses so the 3D effect can only be perceived by the person looking straight at the screen. Not such a big issue, since Nintendo games are ‘single players only’.

Satoru Iwata, the CEO of Nintendo also said that the console was also equipped with a gyro-sensor and an accelerator for motion sensitive games. As if all that was not enough to get fans excited, he mentioned the line of games to come out with the new device: Kid Icarus: Uprising, Nintendogs + Cats, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy and Fifa.

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