Legislation.gov.uk went online today. This incredible website presents every single article of legislation in the UK, spanning around 800 years of British laws and including all revisions throughout history since 1267.

The website was put up to replace the websites for both The Office of Public Sector Information and the Statue Law Database. These two will be shut down over the next few weeks.

Legislation.gov.uk, the new ‘one stop shop’ for the statutes cost £419,000 to create from last year’s financial budget and consists of 6.5 million web pages with matching 6.5 million PDF documents.
During the launch of the website, a spokesman from The National Archives said, “Legislation.gov.uk is the first website which shows all of the UK’s laws throughout time. By merging two sites into one, it will ultimately deliver long term cost savings and better value to the tax payer.” What’s even more impressive is that the site will be updated every day at 2.30pm with the latest legislative changes.

This shall allow anyone and everyone the chance to scrutinize and to better know the law… right at their finger tips.

Can’t wait to visit the site? Before you do, take a quick peek at Gadgetepoint and you might find something you like. It’s completely legal… promise!

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