Whether you be an MJ fan or not, admit it. You HAVE tried to do a Moon Walk or sing Ben in falsetto or groove along with Thriller or at least stomp along the beat of They Don’t Care About Us… I am positive that almost everyone who knew the King of Pop has at least once in their lifetime tried to sing and/or dance like him.
So you like singing and dancing ala Michael Jackson—want to keep score? Come November this year, you an your friends can.
Ubisoft, the game publisher behind the likes of Prince of Persia and Resident Evil 4 announced the launching of the console game Michael Jackson: The Experience. The game features singing and dancing of hits from the King of Pop. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 features include karaoke sing-along tracks while the DS and PSP editions have rhythm based game-play.
A special feature that MJ fans will definitely watch out for are the tracks “Beat It” and “Billie Jean” which were confirmed to have Michael Jackson himself as the dance coach.
The King of Pop has definitely inspired a lot of activities even after his death. Feeling inspired yourself? Go to Gadgetepoint’s and you’ll surely find something to make your day.

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