Lady Gaga ccould be the biggest name in 2009; and her popularity avalanche does not seem to have any intention of slowing down. as the 24-year old performer is on the verge on becoming the first living person to have 10 million Facebook fans.

Barack Obama meanwhile, is at a second place with a respectable 9.4 million votes as opposed to the “Paparazzi” hitmaker’s 9.9 million.

Aside from Facebook, Twitter fans are following every statement from the “Bad Romance” singer, commanding 4.7 million Twitter followers as opposed to Obama’s close 4.4.

But Lady Gaga is not the biggest name in entertainment. The late Michael Jackson achieves feats even when the “Thriller” star has already been laid to rest, 14 million Facebook fans mourned the loss of the King of Pop and are enlisted as one of his fans. But nothing beats “Texas Hold’em Poker” whose number of fans is nothing short from the 20 million mark.

Head on over to Lady Gaga’s Facebook page and help her in her campaign to become the most popular living human being; help her hit the 10 million mark. Or maybe help make President Obama make the competition much tighter.

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