Kevin Scott of UK’s De Monfort University is looking for investors that will help fund his one of a kind idea of a bendable bike; the bendable bike by the industrial designer is a bicycle with a flexible frame that enables it to be wrapped around a pole without using a lock.

The frame itself is steady and rigid while biking, it would be a sure trip to the emergency otherwise if that were not the case, but pushing a lever actually collapses the bike and it can then be wrapped around a pole.

He received £500 from the judges so that his idea will be fully developed; whether that amount is enough to further his research and development is up to you.

The BSc Industrial Design graduate revels in his victory and states:
“This has validated how I feel about the product. It’s a justification of the uniqueness of the design and the possibilities for taking it further. I intend to use the prize money to outsource production of some of the key components to allow for full testing.”

Kevin Scott even adds: “I am now going to take this forward to produce a fully resolved solution and hopefully this will be a stepping stone into a career in the bike designing industry.”

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