In the sci-fi action-thriller Minority Report advertising goes to a whole new level as the billboards are able to identify the exact identity of who is viewing the ad and therefore the billboard can make a suggestion to the passerby as to what to purchase and some other things that they might like.

That happenning, where the ads are extremely personalized will not happen in the near future yet; but there are billboards in the subway systems of Tokyo that can identify the age group and the gender of the person who is passing by.

“The camera can distinguish a person’s sex and approximate age, even if the person only walks by in front of the display, at least if he or she looks at the screen for a second,” a spokesman for the Digital Signage Promotion Project said to the press.

After the scan, the billboard will then show ads that the media think is appropriate for that person. Let’s say kitchen supplies for a middle-aged woman; and sports apparel for a young man.

Aside from the ads being based on generalizations on what sexes and ages will prefer, the project is taking some heat because some are claiming that these new billboards invade ones privacy.

But the market will surely love this new advancement; as they can present their products to their target demographic. If you’re interested in the latest and coolest gadgets, you’re Gadgetepoint’s target demographic.

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