Here’s a perfect example of technology being a catalyst in learning. An iPhone app makes learning more fun, easy, by increasing user interaction.

Blausen Medical’s Human Atlas features 3D video animations of conditions, medications, and treatments, The interactive application allows its users to learn human anatomy through this iPhone application and now it makes its debut on the iPad.

The app has been developed for a middle-school reading level, which makes it basic but at the same time, informative enough.

Bruce Blausen, CEO of the company states, “For nearly 15 years my original vision was that someday there would be a mobile device truly capable of showcasing our animations in their indescribable clarity, right at point of care, to educate patients,”

“The iPad takes that presentation to a whole new level. With its HD resolution, larger screen size, and ease of use, clinicians now can provide patients a never before available lavish visual environment in which to engage and learn.” Bruce Blausen.

But you need to be 17 or older to be able to purchase the full version of the application. The full version of the Human Atlas has been tagged to have “frequent/intense sexual content or nudity.” That just shows how detailed this application can get.

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