The World Cup may be the biggest sporting event after the Olympics. And Twitter’s traffic is proof that the world has football fever in the World Cup 2010.

Twitter can’t handle this much traffic. World Cup 2010 has been making fans tweeting every single goal that is made. Causing 2,940 tweets per second when a player successfully scores for their teams.
The site normally sees about 750 tweets per second, and every shot missed by the goalie made the system heavily clogged.

Meanwhile, the NBA Finals was able to generate 3,085 tweets per second, this though can be misinterpreted as the match between Lakers and Celtics trumping the popularity of soccer, which is not the case as it is basketball’s finals compared to the World Cup’s elimination round only.

Imagine what happened during Game 7 of Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, it’s football and basketball fans uniting to clog Twitter’s network.

The guys from Twitter expected an increase in the number of tweets, but what they didn’t anticipate was that the increase in traffic will be this much.

This increased traffic in the website has been causing some problems to Twitter, and the management might do a complete network overhaul once the football fanaticism has calmed down.

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