If you have not heard of Zynga’s FarmVille, probably because you have been living in a farm yourself. A number of hours has been been spent by millions of netizens building their farms and interacting with fellow farmers in this hit Facebook app that can now be enjoyed in the iPhone. But Zynga isn’t done yet, FrontierVille is another game bound to hook Facebook users.

The 60 million active users of FarmVille will have something else to spend countless hours on. FrontierVille starts with the player having no more than a plot of land and a waon. The goal of the game is to explore the wilderness, raise a town and start civilization.

This new game is a more rural FarmVille the setting is far-flung frontier town. It’s “Oregon Trail meets Little House on the Prairie meets FarmVille,” as described by Brian Reynolds, designer of FrontierVille.

Brian Reynolds is the mind behind some god games and community building sims. The man who designed FrontierVille has an extensive resume with Civilization II, Alpha Centauri, and Rise of Nations to back up this video game savant.

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