Notice something new with your Facebook page?

Right beside “Update Status” on your wall… well, some beta testers would actually find “Facebook Questions” right there.
This new feature enables the user to post a question which will become automatically public to all users of Facebook. The scheme designers hope that this would allow the asker to have a sight into the ‘collective wisdom’ of Facebook’s 500 million users. A broader audience will give way to a broader set of responses from people of different expertise.

The company says that questions can remain exclusive to a user’s followers if these are posted as a regular status update. However, a photograph or poll can be added to the new “question” option, if desired.

Users who are not part of the 50,000 beta testers of Facebook Questions would have to wait for a considerable amount of time to get the full versions on their accounts. The Facebook blog explains that this is due to the company’s desire to carefully perfect the application using the feedback of the beta users before it is fully launched.

Is there really wisdom in numbers? No one really knows for sure… but there’s one thing that will certainly make you feel wiser – a visit to Gadgetepoint to be in on the latest and the coolest.

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