With Bing’s cashback feature getting less support from merchants than expected, the company is set on another strategy for the search engine Yahoo! to claim its previous glory — before Google played king in the search engine game.

But rather than go down without a fight, Yahoo is hell-bent in getting what they think is rightfully theirs. The tie up with Facebook will massively improve the website’s visitors and right now the company will do something in June that might kick up its state a few notches.

It’s alluding to the power of celebrities to catch attention and have an increased market share. Bing will hold an event in June 22 that will announce updates on the search engine.

This will be a big, fun night, with musical performances by top artists and hosted by none other than the king of primte time talent searches — American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest.

This strategy by Bing isn’t all too new. It already has the xRank celebrity ranking feature and its counterpart MSN has Wonderwall, a website dedicated for the latest in celebrity gossip much similar to the format of Brandneusense.com/news

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