Nothing spells desperation more than paying your users to simply use a program. Microsoft Bing was offering users some monetary incentives if they would be using the search engine. If that doesn’t sound desperate , we don’t know what does. But the company has decided to no longer continue with this program.

Microsoft Bing has a feature on their website wherein advertisers could offer financial incentives for those who purchase certain products that were advertised through the site.

If you shop through the search engine, you can get a 4% cashback from Macy’s or even a significant 12% price cut from your Tiger Direct purchase.

But Microsoft had to put an end to this campaign as not enough merchants signed up for this cashback scheme. The company was unsuccessful in developing “some new programs for you and our advertisers designed to provide amazing shopping experiences for consumers and great opportunities for advertisers.”

Because of the lack of success of Bing’s cashback program, come July 30, 2010, the said feature will no longer be available.

But people who have actually supported this campaign need not worry about the financial gains that they have acquired through this promotion as they can still redeem their benefits through the normal redemption process by Microsoft.

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