Franz Beckenbauer is a lot of things: ‘Der Kaiser’, as in ‘The Emperor’ of German football, the only man who ever won a World Cup both as a player and as a team manager and a football coach. A fan of England is one thing he surely is not. But the Hall of Famer did express some sympathy for England over a crucial strike from Frank Lampard was not awarded and England bowed down to Germany 4-1.

The controversial goal was not counted after the ball bounced off the underside of the bar and landed two feet over the line. Despite being a strong critic of Englands’s Worl Cup ‘tactics, Beckenbauer told the South African Times that he felt sorry for England when Lampard’s goal was not counted because it was so clear that the shot landed a clear two feet behind the line.
Beckenbauer explained that state of the art goal line technologies which could clearly discern what happens within the goal line need to be introduced into the World Cup to avoid such disappointing instances.

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