One of the world’s most famous dolls, Mattel’s Barbie, signed up to Foursquare and Twitter to promote her latest ‘incarnation’ – Barbie Video Girl.

Barbie Video Girl doubles up as a digital video camera and even comes with her own video editing software. On the 20th of July Mattel will launch a ‘scavenger hunt’ across the United States. Barbie Video Girl will tour San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago for her summer travels to organize the ‘scavenger hunt’.

Mattel’s idea is to use the two social networking sites to post clues about the doll’s whereabouts. Upon reaching these locations, her followers will be asked to complete tasks. The street team will then be able to hand out one doll in each city.

Luxury shoe designer, Jimmy Choo launched a similar campaign on Foursquare last May. The idea of the ’trainer hunt’ was to have a pair of trainers from the brand’s new line go to different London-based locations and then update their ‘friends’ about their whereabouts. The one who managed to get to a venue before the trainers left were given a chance to pick a pair in the style and size of their choosing.

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