The most common rant against the iPhone is that it’s antenna causes some problems when it is being touched. And the most common solution for people is for them to either be on speakerphone everytime, a headset or maybe even put on gloves when you answer the phone. And the only feasible solution towrds this problem is the headset route, but we can’t expect iPhone users to be on their headsets every single time.

That’s where baller bands enter the picture. Yes, a common rubber wristband most often associated with basketball players is a simple DIY solution to the reception problem of the iPhone antenna.

And it’s no rocket science to install. In a few easy steps, your iPhone4’s signal issues will be a thing of the past. Just stretch the baller band and make openings where the iPhone’s dock or connector will be placed.

Plus the baller band looks good on your iPhone4, it adds a touch of color to the iPhone that only comes in black for the mean time.

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