Twitter is said to have a single office in San Francisco with just about 200 employees. The company is considered to be a medium-scale business, by standards. It is a site that thrives on micro-blogs … A small office and mini blogs – these two details may be the only ‘small’ things associated to this giant social networking website that send about 65 million tweets every day. That rounds up to a whopping two billion tweets sent every month! Two billion!

The immensely growing Twitter community receives about 135 thousand registrations daily, so one can easily imagine the exponential growth of the site that claims to help its users “Discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world.” Well, as anyone could expect, Twitter’s growth cannot be contained in cyberspace alone. The company’s chief operating officer, Dick Costolo said that they are planning to expand their bases to Los Angeles and New York. An expansion into the UK and even as far as Japan is also in the works due to the impressive growth of Twitter in these locations. Costolo also mentioned about hiring a “Government Liaison” who will be in charge of ‘lobbying’ Twitter to the White House. The liaison’s job includes encouraging policy makers to stay in close touch with their constituents across parties and distances.

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