The three dreaded ring of death of the Xbox 360 is the biggest impediments towards the growth in sales of this gaming console. Many potential clients were turned off at the console’s hardware being repair-shop bound. It took years in development, but Microsoft is claiming that their newest release of the gaming console will not have similar problems.

With the new slim Xbox 360, the infamout 3 red lights error is a thing of the past. Visually, that is.

The press release by Micosoft reassured its market that similar problems will not existent anymore, but if you read on the fine print, they will state that instead of flashing 3 red lights, what will be flashing are 3 green lights instead.

On the rlelease of the new slim Xbox 360 console, Microsoft pointed out and boasted the new system’s “whisper quiet” operation but the company did not address directly whether their newly released edition of the Xbox 360 has an improved quality control compared to the previous model.

If this is the case, Microsoft is asking too much if they can expect to do better than their counterparts.

One way of blazing through the competition is by setting prices that are consumer friendly. And when it comes to gadget retail, Gadgetepoint has this one in the bag already.

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