E-books have outselled the hardbacks. Last month, a hundred and eighty e-books were sold for every 100 non-digital books. During the second quarter of this year, 143 e-books were sold for every 100 hardcovers. This data coming from Amazon, the online retailer and owner of the Kindle e-reader, clearly exhibits what any online business analyst would have predicted.
In the United States, digital books are now enjoying a bigger market than their ‘hard copy’ counterparts. And as the numbers suggest, a bigger gap between e-books and hardcover sales can be expected. Amazon says that it has sold three times as many e-books in the first six months of 2010, compared to its sales during the first half of 2009.
This sudden growth spurt in the e-book market may be attributed to the recent slashing of the prices of e-readers; Amazon’s Kindle included. Amazon has claimed that the sales rate of Kindle has tripled since its recent price slash.
What caused all this price slashing? Apple’s release of iBooks. iBooks was launched this January when Apple introduced the iPad its tablet style computer.
Aside from all that, e-books are now much cheaper than hardbacks. On Amazon, a digital book usually costs around £6.67 pounds while a hardcover would usually cost about £17.
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