Microsoft rolls out Skype TX for broadcasters

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Microsoft on Monday announced a new version of its VoIP service Skype, dubbed Skype TX for the broadcast market, to be available “in the coming year.”

Skype TX is new studio grade software that delivers high quality audio and video output to seamlessly connect broadcast and media productions with people around the world.

The platform will provide broadcasters with professional feeds free of distractions, like call notifications and ads, plus API integration, call management features and more.

Microsoft in its official blog post said “Today, we’re excited to announce a new solution for broadcasters from Skype, available in the coming year. This improved offering is a result of Skype’s recent acquisition of our long-time broadcast partner Cat and Mouse. We’ve built on the existing Cat and Mouse technology to deliver a high quality hardware and software Skype integration direct into a studio environment.”

Skype TX will be a part of the Skype in Media offering and will manage aspect ratio mismatches automatically, and handle multiple Skype calls simultaneously on a single interface.

“Newsgathering is a prime target for Skype TX,” explained Simon Lucas, principle PM manager at Microsoft. “It greatly simplifies the use of Skype in the newsroom.”

Skype TX offer features including HD-SDI video output and input, balanced audio output and input, auto aspect ration conversion, support for multiple, simultaneous calls as well as operator previews.

The software will ensure broadcasters signing up for the service get a more reliable connection as well as an experience that doesn’t include advertising or other interruptions.

Microsoft is asking Media organizations to sign up for more information about the Skype TX availability. However, the company is yet to reveal the pricing details.