Microsoft announces IE11 updates for developers, mobile and enterprise users

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One of the notable parts of the slew of announcements from Microsoft besides Windows 8.1 update and Windows Phone 8.1 is the set of new features and updates for Internet Explorer 11.

For the first time, mobile users will get to use IE11 on their devices while Windows 7 users will receive the update alongside Windows 8.1 users which is quite unusual.

The updates for the mobile version are pretty interesting. For instance, a distraction-free reading mode is a really smart move which is apt for mobile users as the display is much smaller than laptops or PCs.

The other features include InPrivate browsing and unlimited tabs. Now the tabs will also be synchronised between the different devices on which the user is active.

The best bit for mobile users is the High Savings Mode, which Microsoft claims will reduce data usage by up to 80 percent.

Opting for this mode will let you load the pages directly from Microsoft’s data centers as a result of which the images will be compressed and only minimal data transfer would be necessary. Plus, this service will also load only those elements of web pages that are relevant to the content that the user wants to read. That being said, it might be rolled out for desktop users as well in the coming months.

Microsoft is also trying to make it easy for developers to build apps that can work smoothly on IE11 through their website status.modern.ie. This beta website will be developed into a platform where developers and Microsoft can exchange ideas on the web standards supported by IE11.

There’s also news for enterprise users. Enterprise users will be able to use apps that are primarily meant for IE8 on IE11 using the new compatibility mode that is soon going to be updated.