Xbox One continues successful sales run, but PS4 dominates

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Xbox One continues to garner huge sales and earned the title of best-selling console for four weeks in a row thanks to the recent £30 price cut and exclusive launch of Titanfall.

Retailers have revealed to MCV UK that the gaming console from Microsoft has bested PS4 since the launch of Titanfall and its sales have gone up by as much as 96 percent during the week; however, PS4 still remains in control.

The shortage in PS4 supply over recent weeks have also aided in strong Xbox One sales. PS4 sales did rise 72 percent though considering inflow of fresh stocks, retailers have revealed.

Sony is placing big bets on its Infamous: Second Son launch and it is said that Sony will be gearing up its supply chain to deliver greater number of PS4 units for fresh sales as well as huge number of anticipated trade-ins.