iOS 7.1 battery drain issues emerge on iPhone 5S, iPhone 5

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Apple released its highly anticipated iOS 7.1 update with great many features and changes, but one thing that Cupertino has seemingly failed to address is the poor battery life.

Users have been complaining about serious battery drain since iOS 7.0.4 and it got worse with iOS 7.0.6. Those affected by battery life issues were expecting Apple to release some sort of a fix that will address this issue, but instead the iOS 7.1 update has seemingly made things worse.

Users who have update to iOS 7.1 are flocking to Apple Support Communities complaining about battery drains as fast 50 percent in just an hour.

Users are claiming that they have tried all battery saving tweaks including turning off LTE, location services, background app refresh, reduce the motion, transparency options, and mail push, but still the battery drains faster than usual.

On top of the battery issues, users are also complaining about 3G toggle issues, Touch ID not working and random reboots. We haven’t been able to find great many numbers of users reporting these three issues as compared to battery drain complaints.

Users have even tried measures such as rebooting their iPhones several times; manually updating it through iTunes; resetting their phones and restoring from iTunes, but none of these have helped.

Let us know in the comments section if you are facing similar issues and how bad is the battery drain on your iDevice.