Xbox Live downtime gatecrashes Titanfall launch

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Microsoft may have done all it could to ensure that Titanfall’s launch doesn’t suffer from the same issues as faced by other online multiplayer launcher like Grand Theft Auto Online, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battefield 4, but it seems that it wasn’t enough.

US players found it out the hard way being not able to sign into their consoles for hours together. Microsoft has confirmed that they are facing Xbox Live signin issues and that they are onto it and will resolve it ASAP.

“Unable to sign in to Xbox Live on Xbox One? We’re on the case to get this issue fixed as soon as possible! http://xbx.lv/XBLstus ^PC” read a tweet posted by official Xbox Support twitter account.

Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson claimed that the issue isn’t related to Titanfall, but it just so happens that the timing of the outage was immaculate to gatecrash the game’s launch.

“If you are having issues signing into Xbox Live, we are aware of it and actively working on the issue. This is not a #Titanfall issue”, tweeted Hryb.

Just under 6 hours after the original tweet confirming the downtime, Microsoft revealed through another tweet that the service was back to normal and users should try specific steps to get back in action.

“Thanks for your patience, Xbox Live is good to go! Try these specific steps to get back in the game now: http://bit.ly/1do80Bd ^CW.”

Xbox Live Status page however still shows that Xbox Live Core Services are limited.