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Linux 3.14-rc6 released; Torvalds hints at rc8, rc9 if things don’t calm down

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Linux 3.14-rc6 has been released and with two more weeks (if things go well) to go before the final release, Linus Torvalds has hinted at the possibility of an rc8 and even an rc9 if the next two weeks are bumpy as the previous ones.

“We’re getting closer to the end of the rc cycle, and I have to admit that I would have wished for a less bumpy ride”, said Torvalds in a release announcement. Torvalds notes that the rc6 is bigger than the rc5.

Torvalds notes that he would have wished for things to go calm by now, but there have quite a few small issues including “small stupid mistakes, and a few late reverts of commits”.

“So I’m really hoping that the upcoming week will be calmer, because otherwise I’ll start thing rc8 and even rc9”, notes Torvalds.