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OCZ outs new 3.2TB Z-Drive 4500 PCIe SSD

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OCZ Storage Solutions has released a new line of solid-state drives (SSDs) dubbed Z-Drive 4500 starting a new chapter in enterprise storage solutions.

Manufactured using OCZ’s latest process, the Z-Drive 4500 comes in three different storage options – 3.2TB, 1.6TB and 800GB priced at $6,533, $3,806 and $2,355 respectively. The drives are capable of 2.5PB endurance, random read times of 252,000 IOPS (I/O per second) and random write times of up to 76,000 IOPS.

“The new Z-Drive 4500 Series delivers even higher performance in comparison to OCZ’s Z-Drive R4 Series, leverages 19 nanometer (nm) MLC NAND flash, and features a more robust architectural design covering 800GB, 1.6TB and 3.2TB usable capacities”, OCZ said in a statement.

Enterprises that run data-intensive applications including databases and analytics use SSD arrays to temporarily store the data which after being processed is moved to long-term storage solutions such as hard drives.

Each of the drives come with Windows Accelerator (WXL) Software, which is a flash management and caching solutions specifically designed for Windows server applications. The software manages caching and storage arrays for Windows Server software.

Aimed at enterprises, OCZ Z-Drive 4500 Series packs some great features including Power loss data protection; End-to-end data path protection; 128-bit AES encryption; TRIM command support; and Temperature sensing and thermal throttling for maintaining consistent operating conditions among other things.

OCZ was acquired by Toshiba last month in a $35 million deal, but the latter has revealed that it won’t be interfering with OCZ’s product line.