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Virgin Media launches ultrafast 152Mb broadband

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Virgin Media has launched its ultrafast 152Mb broadband in the UK – a service that the company claims is twice as fast as its rivals and allows users to download an entire music album in just 4 seconds.

The 1520Mb £37.50 a month (excluding line rental) service will allow users to download entire movies in 4 minutes and TV shows in 60 seconds on Virgin’s fibre-optic cable network.

Aimed at homes with multiple device connecting to the Internet, the new service will be available from today and existing customers will be offered free upgrades with bump in speeds without affecting their line rentals or subscription costs.

Virgin Media said that customers on 30Mb plans paying £15.50 a month (plus £15.99 a month line rental) will be provided a free upgrade to the 50Mb plans; those on 60Mb plans shelling out £20.50 a month will be moved up to 100Mb plan; and those on 100Mb or 120Mb plans playing £28 a month will be moved up to the top speed tier of 152Mb.

New subscribers will end up paying a £527.88 a year including line rental and the service will initially be rolled out to Aldershot, Colchester, Glenrothes, Maidstone, Leicester, and Scotland while other Virgin Media customers will be getting the service over the course of next 12 months.