YouTube’s latest redesign focuses on playlists

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YouTube is rolling out a new redesign to all its users streamlined to fit their taste putting a lot of emphasis on playlists.

The new design takes a cue from YouTube mobile app and makes the site’s design better for screens of any size. “YouTube now has a center-aligned look, fitting neatly on any screen size, and feeling similar to the mobile apps you’re spending almost half your YouTube time with”, notes YouTube on its official blog.

“You can quickly flip between what’s recommended and popular in “What to Watch” like Postmodern Jukebox’s Timber, and the latest from your subscribed channels like iamOTHER in “My Subscriptions,” with both options now front and center”, adds YouTube.

YouTube claims that almost half of its traffic comes from mobile devices and that is the primary reason behind the redesign. Navigation using touch interfaces will be a lot smoother thanks to a cleaner interface; however, desktop and laptop users with traditional mouse and keyboard may find the interface a little confusing for a while.

YouTube has also worked on typography and the text is all the more readable. The sidebar brings with it the standard set of icons including playlists, subscriptions, and any other quick access options which the user may need access to while viewing content on YouTube.