Linux skills helping professional move forward – 2014 Linux Jobs Report

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The Linux Foundations’ 2014 Linux Jobs Report reveals that Hiring managers are looking for professionals with Linux skills with increasing number of organisations the world over considering Linux as a core part of their businesses.

The 2014 Linux Jobs Report provides a comprehensive view of career landscape in Linux right from business needs to personal incentives and job motivations that attract Linux professionals. The report comprises of views from 1,100 hiring managers and 4,000 Linux professionals.

The third report of its type produced by Dice in collaboration with The Linux Foundation notes that the developers chose to work with Linux as it is a because of its extensive presence in modern day technology infrastructure including Android smartphones, tablets, and other similar gadgets; car infotainment systems; 3D printers; supercomputers; TVs and lot more such consumer equipment.

According to the report, the demand for Linux professionals is at an all-time high with companies including Google, IBM, Amazon, Facebook, Intel, and Samsung among others looking to hire professionals with skills in Linux to make them a part of their technological innovation team.

Seventy-seven percent of surveyed hiring managers have revealed that they are prioritising hires for those positions what involve Linux openings as compared to other jobs with 90 percent stating that they are planning to hire Linux professionals in the next six months.

When it comes to Linux professionals, 86 percent of those surveyed revealed that Linux had helped them advance their careers. From the report it can be concluded that Linux jobs really are the best around.

“Enterprises are increasingly describing Linux as a core part of the business,” said Shravan Goli, President of Dice. “In turn, hiring managers are turning up the dial on the incentives offered to technology talent with Linux skills. These professionals are working on projects tightly aligned with a future vision of what enterprises look like.”

Download your copy of the 2014 Linux Jobs Report here.