Sony is serious about its waterproof Walkman claims

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Can you imagine a company that would sell its products completely submerged in water in order to convince customers that its product is waterproof? The answer would most probably be a no in most cases, except for Sony, which has adopted a new strategy to market its latest MP3 player, which it claims to be genuinely waterproof.

Sony, which recently introduced its waterproof W Series Walkman, is so sure of its product’s waterproof features that it has started selling its MP3 player completely immersed in a bottle of water.

DraftFCB, an Auckland-based advertising agency, suggested the brilliant marketing plan to help the Sony’s product stand apart from alternatives like Apple’s iPod shuffle.

Customers can buy “the bottled Walkman” from vending machines at gyms and other indoor pool facilities rather than electronic shops.

The NWZ-W270 has been specifically designed to be an exercise companion, as users can easily take the mp3 player along with them anywhere they go including gym or even into the pool. The device comes with 4GB inbuilt storage and features inbuilt headphones for ease of use and a comfortable fit. It boasts eight hours of battery life. Charging the device for three minutes will apparently give it an hour of battery life.

[Source: The Vending Times]