PlayStation Now closed beta video leaked

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A new video showing off the game play and load times of PlayStation Now closed beta has been leaked on the web.

Sony announced its PlayStation Now and cloud based TV service at CES 2014. PlayStation Now, Sony’s Gaikai-powered service, will allow gamers to stream games from the cloud to their PlayStation gaming consoles as well as non-console gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs.

The service is slated for a late 2014 release in the US and 2015 release in the EU. Close beta of PlayStation was to start off is beginning of February, but there has been no official confirmation from Sony till date. Users started receiving invites in late January.

The latest video leak shows the interface of PlayStation Now, its loading times, as well as Killzone 3 gameplay. The video hasn’t been shot by a professional and if of low quality. The load times are definitely high, but considering that it hasn’t been launched publicly such things are bound to occur. Further we are not sure of the bandwidth on the user’s end who shot the video.

The service has only been rolled out in closed beta for PlayStation 3 owners and some of the requirements of PlayStation Now include 5mbps connectivity for “good experience for most games” and DualShock 3 controller.