PS4 launch sees PlayStation Plus subscriptions triple

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During the PS Vita Slim event, Sony UK boss Fergal Gara revealed a graph that indicated the PlayStation Plus subscriptions have tripled over the last three months.

The graph highlighted impressive rate of increasing subscriber base month after month. Sony hasn’t announced any official numbers, but the graph showed that numbers have gone up rapidly. This massive increase in sign-ups comes as no surprise considering the requirement of subscription to PS Plus for PS4 users to take part in online multiplayer sessions.

PS Plus subscribers have access to the Instant Game Collection to enjoy the full versions of selected titles at no additional cost. This February, Sony is offering PlayStation Plus subscribers access to ‘Outlast’ on PS4, ‘Payday 2’, ‘Metro: Last Light’, ‘Remember Me’ on PS 3, ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ and ‘ModNation Racers: Road Trip’ on PS Vista for free.

At the event, Fergal Gara has expressed that the value offered by the PlayStation Plus service was the driving force behind this increased uptake. He also briefed that the ratio of PS4 to Xbox One sales in the UK currently sits at 1.5:1.

Earlier in January, Sony claimed that the PS Plus subscriptions worldwide have gone up by 90 percent, following the launch of PS 4 in mid-November. Given that a number of retail titles at PS4 debut like Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Killzone and FIFA 14, were online-centric, this hefty growth in PlayStation Plus subscriptions wasn’t unexpected.

[Source: Dual Shockers]