Retailers offering Nintendo Wii U Premium for just £179.99

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A couple of retailers in the UK have slashed prices of Nintendo’s Wii U Premium to just £179.99 and considering the lackluster demand for the gaming console, other retailers are expected to follow suite soon.

Currently Argos and Amazon are both offering the Wii U Premium for £179.99, which includes the black gaming console and GamePad, stands, a sensor bar and Nintendo Land.

The price cut is a steep one considering that the recommended retail price of the Wii U is £300. GAME is still selling the Wii U Premium for £229.99 and some retailers are offering second hand one for £200.

Amazon has matched prices with other retailers quite few times earlier, but this price cut seems to be permanent one and likely to stay.

Nintendo earlier downsized its forecast of Wii U sales by 69 percent from 9 million to just 2.8 million with a forecast of a net loss indicating that the gaming console hasn’t actually worked out in favour of Nintendo.