GTA Online unlimited money glitch still exists past 1.09 update

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A new method of earning unlimited GTA$ in GTA Online has come to the forefront and the trick works even past the version 1.09 update.

Rockstar took a rather long downtime to fix some of the issues with GTA Online – primary among them being the unlimited money glitch that allowed players to earn ample of cash without doing anything. Rockstar took care of the persistent GTA V DNS server exploits and also updated the system that would stop players from joining ‘modded lobbies’ to earn millions of GTA$.

However, this hasn’t stopped gamers from finding new ways to earn unlimited money. The latest glitch is to do with how impounded cars are handled and the bug within the game duplicates supercars over and over again, which the users can sell again and earn millions.

Rockstar will definitely patch this loophole as well in very near future, but till then you can check out the video.