Chrome 32 brings Metro interface, noisy tabs, supervised users and more

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Google is bringing great many new features into the stable build of Chrome 32 including the new Metro-UI interface for Windows, noisy tabs, supervised users, safe browsing, and in-browser app launcher.

The new and improved Chrome 32 is all about Google, its apps, increased security and ease of use. The touch friendly Chrome 32 comes with the ‘Metro’ design that allows users to manage multiple windows and to navigate to their favourite Chrome app through the integrated app launcher. The UI elements of the browser have been matched with redesigned to match with the sleek design of the new Metro interface.

The noisy tabs feature, which was launched as beta in November 2013, has now been included in the stable release of the browser. Through this feature users will be able to visually identify those noisy tabs where a video or music has started playing automatically. “You can now visually scan your tabs for a speaker icon to quickly find the ones singing in the background”, notes Yuri Wiitala, Software Engineer at Google in blog post.

Beyond the noisy tab tracking, users will also be able to identify visually if a tab is playing a video or recording or being cast to Chromecast.

Chrome 32 also brings with it, in beta for now, a supervised user feature allowing parents to manage their Kids’ browsing including monitoring and restriction. The new version of Chrome also brings with it warning messages for things like blocked malicious files.