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Linux 3.13-rc8 released; final most likely to release next week

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Linus Torvalds has released Linux 3.13-rc8 as anticipated, while revealing that the final release should most probably happen next week.

The latest rc doesn’t come with anything interesting and packs usual drivers and random fixes including architecture updates. Most of the driver related changes are to do with network driver updates and bug fixes.

Torvalds dragged out the final release of Linux 3.13 because he didn’t want the final release to happen while he was travelling for LCA 2014. Now that the Linux.Conf.AU has ended, he is travelling back home and the final release should happen next week. Further, release of the Linux 3.13 final would mark the opening of Linux 3.14 merge window.

“Let’s hope things keep calm, and that I can make the final 3.13 next week when I get back home. But for that all to work well, you guys need to test. Ok”, noted Torvalds in the release announcement.