Google ties up with Indian retailer Myntra.com for Shoppable Hangout

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Shoppable Hangout – a new feature to be launched in India by Google in collaboration with Myantra.com will allow users to shop, chat and comment simultaneously.

Google+ Shoppable Hangout On Air will allow as many as 10 users to interact with each other through multi-person video and stream it to millions of users online. Google has also roped in local Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and his brand HRX for the purpose.

The idea is that designers, retailers or interested groups can market their products using the Shoppable Hangout feature and broadcast a multi-person video chat allowing viewers to shop, chat, and comment.

Google India Industry Director Nitin Bawankule said, “The Shoppable Hangout will provide users with a brand new online shopping experience, which will be like shopping Hrithik’s clothing line with him at your side, except from participants’ living rooms.”

Myntra CMO Vikas Ahuja said, “Marrying the power of technology, social media, and e-commerce, we will provide our customers a novel, more personal, and interactive way to shop online on Myntra.com.”