Atari partners with Sigfox to make IoT devices 

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Atari announced today that it will be partnering with Sigfox to develop Internet of Things (IoT) devices that will be launched later next year.

But the press release given by the company only included a few details, but it did not include what these IoT objects would be. Atari did mention that the product range would have simple to highly sophisticated objects.

With Sigfox’s global cloud network, Atari’s IoT objects would not require local internet. In fact, they wouldn’t even require pairing.

Talking about their partnership with the press, Sigfox CEO Ludovic Le Moan said, “Atari, which has disruption rooted in its DNA, was quick to envision the transformative role that the IoT can play in interactive entertainment.”

“Our network bridges the virtual and physical worlds simply, reliably and inexpensively, and this collaboration will launch a new dimension to gaming while supporting features that are limited only by the imagination,” he added.

Currently, Sigfox is considered one of the hottest startups of France, and it runs on 7 million devices in 18 countries.

Atari and Sigfox will focus on developing products that would be more aligned towards charity sector and mass market. There are rumours that the devices will provide temperature information, GPS tracking and panic buttons.

The CEO of Atari, Fred Chesnais only had praises for Sigfox. He said “Sigfox is transforming the way people connect to their objects in a simple and intuitive way. By partnering and using Sigfox’s dedicated IoT connectivity, we are going to create amazing products with our brand. We look forward to our collaboration with Sigfox and releasing new products to the mass market on a global scale.”

Atari’s name is synonymous to gaming, and considering the company’s history, this move does seem like an odd one. But it’s definitely not an unpredictable one, after all, Atari spent the last few years licensing its intellectual property.

And while Atari has never been deeply involved in developing Internet of Things devices, the company’s reputation and brand name will definitely help. By working with Atari, Sigfox will also be able to get more of its devices to the customers.

The gamers all around the world are definitely psyched and excited. Atari might be moving towards the IoT market and changing the company’s direction, but fans are hoping it will pay homage to the classic games in some way