Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8 delayed again

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Mozilla has once again delayed its Firefox for Windows 8 with modern-UI interface and is now expected on March 18.

The modern-UI compatible Firefox was first announced in February 2012 with the projected release date of December 10, 2013. The release date was later pushed to January 21 to coincide with the release of Firefox 27. However, that hasn’t gone as planned as well and according to the official Mozilla Wiki page, the release is now expected on March 18.

On December 20, Mozilla revealed that they were closing the office for two weeks to give “release managers, QA engineers and developers much needed time off” the much needed time off. Owing to this closure, the release dates were extended in 2014 by two weeks.

The new release date for Firefox for Windows 8 now coincides with the release of Firefox 28. However, those who want to try out the modern-UI Firefox can download the nightly builds, but we would like to warn that there are quite a few unsolved bugs that may hamper the user experience.

[Source: Neowin]