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‘Fairly small’ Linux 3.13-rc6 released

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Linus Torvalds has announced Linux 3.13-rc6 kernel – ‘fairly small’ when it comes to number of commits owing to the fact that it was released over a holiday week.

The latest release candidate has only 81 small commits and comprise of small random updates related to infiniband, GPU, CPUFREQ, libata and block drivers; ext4/jbd2 filesystem fixes; and a few ARM SoC related updates along with x86, percpu and cgroup fixes.

Things went a little haywire with Linux 3.13-rc4 and Torvalds warned developers that he will be “very grumpy” at anyone who pushes out unnecessary updates and changes and even said that he will be calling names. The warning, it seems, worked as Linux 3.13-rc5 was comparatively smaller.