Sony Xperia Z5 Bond Edition lands exclusively on Vodafone UK

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Sony and Vodafone UK have inked a deal under which the mobile operator will have exclusive rights of selling the Xperia Z5 Bond Edition smartphone in the UK.

Pre-orders for the Xperia Z5 Bond Edition have already begun and Vodafone has revealed that those who pre-order the smartphone will be treated with freebies, perks and offers including the official Bond themes, wallpapers, and a behind the scene blog from Miss Moneypenny which are exclusive to the Bond Phone.

According to the mobile operator, customers pre-ordering the Xperia Z5 Bond Edition will have a chance to enter a draw to win one of 50 Aston Martin experience days, which includes the chance to drive a range of their iconic cars.

To further lure customers into buying the phone, Vodafone is also offering all customers, who order the phone and opt for one of the £49 Red 4GB Value 4G bundles, to buy a Sony AZ1VR Action Cam Mini for just £49, a massive £150 discount on the RRP.

Xperia Z5 4K display and 2-day battery life secret

Sony made headlines with the announcement of its Xperia Z5 Premium featuring 4K display establishing itself as the first company to fit 4K display in such small form factor. What followed was a mixed set of feeling from the proponents and opponents of 4K display in a smartphone and while the debate was raging on, there was one group of people that questioned Sony’s claim that Xperia Z5 Premium was capable of full 2 days of battery life. How can a smartphone having a battery-intensive 4K display manage 2 days of batter life?

Xperia Z5 Premium doesn’t actually show you everything in 4K and that’s the reason Sony can claim that the phone has a 2-day battery life. While you will certainly enjoy images and videos in a whopping 4K clarity (files that are actually of those resolution), the Z5 Premium has a nifty trick under its sleeves when it comes to displaying other content like email, web pages, apps, etc. It will revert to a more battery-conserving 1080p display or even less resolution depending on the content for all content other than media thereby saving you the much required battery juice.