WhatsApp fixes web client vulnerability that could have affected 200000 users

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WhatsApp has fixed the vulnerability in its web client that could have affected over 200,000 users globally potentially exposing their computers to hackers, malicious activity and more.

Security company CheckPoint revealed that WhatsApp web interface has a vulnerability that could be exploited by sending a maliciously crafted vCard, which when opened could allow criminals to run malicious code and install virus, trojans and ransomware.

WhatsApp web client has roughly 200000 users and this is where the vulnerability became dangerous. All that a malicious user needs to do is obtain someone’s phone number who is using the web client and send an ill-crafted vCard. This will install the bundled virus or trojan or even ransomware. WhatsApp has recommended that users scan their computers for any possible virus infection.

CheckPoint informed WhatsApp well in advance before revealing information the vulnerability. In the post Oded Vanunu, Security Research Group Manager at Check Point, praised WhatsApp for the professionalism as well as the aptness of the replies and the entire process of handling a security vulnerability.

WhatsApp Web v0.1.4481 or later is not affected with the vulnerability.

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