Apple’s latest patent filing hits at iPhone 6 with wrap-around display

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Recent patent filing by Apple hits at the possibility of a first ever smartphone, probably iPhone 6, to have a wrap-around display with touch sensitive controls all the way through to the back.

Unlike Samsung Galaxy Round or LG G Flex, which feature a curved screen, the patent filing indicates that Cupertino has managed to develop a technology that would allow it to equip its next iPhone with a wrap-around screen with a touch screen display that bends around the edges and sides of the device.

The patent filing suggests that the top and bottom edges of the device will be non-touch, while rest of the device would essentially become one huge touchscreen. Further, the patent also suggests that the display is made out of Sapphire created using an alumina powder liquid-metal process.

Patently Apple, which was first to spot the patent application, notes “The electronic device may also adjust scrolling activity and other on-screen content motions based on detected device rotation and other measured movement of the device.”

One of the benefits of a wrap-around display, according to Apple, is that users will be able to read longer documents, emails without turning pages. Using the wrap-around display users can even flip pages of an iBook, change volume, control video apps using backside gesture.

Apple has noted in its application that the patent applies to all of its products including future iPhones, iPads, iMacs, iPods and even MacBook Pros.