Microsoft Office 365 now in 25.2% of enterprises; overtakes Google Apps

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Microsoft Office 365, which started off the year 2014 at a flimsy 7.7 per cent enterprise market share, has managed to more than triple its share to 25.2 per cent and in the process has leapfrogged Google Apps, a new research report has suggested.

The statistics are a part of Bitglass’s second annual Cloud Adoption Report wherein it is noted that Microsoft Office 365 registered a 300 per cent growth since last year’s report. Bitglass notes that though Microsoft has managed to top the charts of online productivity apps, Google Apps has also registered a growth – up to 22.8 per cent from 16.3 percent last year.

The research report notes that nearly half (48 per cent) of all enterprises use cloud-based productivity suite and email suites.

The data is drawn from cloud-based analysis of real-world traffic data from nearly 120,000 organizations globally. Bitglass noted that the primary focus of the report was to include major enterprise cloud applications, including Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, SalesForce and Box.

The report also notes that regulated industries are also swiftly moving to the cloud with organizations with more than 1,000 employees showing great interest in Google Apps and Microsoft O365.

Since 2014, Google Apps has shown a 200 per cent increase (from 5 per cent to 15 per cent) and O365 has observed an incredible 500 per cent increase from 5 per cent to 30 per cent).

The report also details region wise breakup of cloud adoption with Finland leading with 78 per cent adoption. APAC tops the charts with 61 per cent adoption followed by EMEA at 59 per cent) and North American at 48 per cent in the adoption curve.

“Cloud adoption is at an all-time high and Microsoft is winning over Google. The surprise is that large corporations, even in heavily regulated industries, are gaining confidence in using cloud apps,” says Nat Kausik, CEO of Bitglass. “The increased focus on security, including the emergence of third-party security services from cloud access security brokers , are filling critical gaps, paving the way for broader adoption of cloud apps in the enterprise.”