Project Free TV shuts down with just a ‘Goodbye’ message

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One of the most popular streaming video indexes in the world – Project Free TV – has closed down its operations without any prior warning with the website now displaying a simple ‘Goodbye’ message.

At a time when bandwidth was starting to get readily available and torrent indexes were at their peak, Project Free TV spawned like many other sites, but quickly managed to separate itself from the crowd and garnered a substantial following and users in very short span of time.

Providing access to almost all major TV shows across the globe, the site also provided its user base access to some Hollywood movies from time to time. The one thing that helped the online video indexing site to stand out was the aggregating feature through which it listed daily TV shows.

Project-Free-TV closed

Because of the popularity it gained in a short span of time, copyright holders quickly took notice and through court orders got ISPs to block access to the site including the UK.

The abrupt closure of the site on July 23 hints at the possibility that its operators may want to avoid the legal trouble that their continued operations may have caused them. Though we haven’t heard anything from its operators, we will update the story in case there is more information about the closure.